March Moto Madness 2018

March Moto Madness is typically the early season getaway to break out of the cold and get some fun off-road riding in.  Unfortunately, a large winter storm system decided to roll through as everyone was traveling down to Tellico Plains.  Southern Ohio through Tennessee received a good hit of snow.

This slowed everyone down, but everybody made it through to a snowier, colder version of March Moto Madness.

Snow was to be found on the higher elevations, but who said a GS can't handle a little snow...




It wasn't all snow however.  Good trail rides were still there to be had.

Sausages were grilled, camping was cold, and the KTM crowd came to appreciate the benefits of the TW-200.

Mother nature wasn't quite done with the snow however.  Another winter storm was on the way, so some got an early head start to try to beat the storm.

Not everyone was successful at beating the snow.  And for a couple of unlucky ones, the storm got their trailer.


Thanks to some kind and capable locals, they were on their way without too much delay.

But there was still some good riding to be had in Tennessee

So maybe, MMM 2018 wasn't what was expected, but it was an ADVENTURE!


Here's the video:


One thought on “March Moto Madness 2018

  • July 13, 2018 at 10:15 am

    Nice write-up, Mike. Thanks for making the mighty TW200 the center of the cover pic! I encourage everyone to join this trip next year. Some of us have been talking about doing the same roads, but separate from the actual March Moto Madness event. Perhaps we could wait a few more weeks to ensure some warmer weather. Having said that – the ride up the mountain through 18″ snow drifts was quite the adventure.

    Craig R

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