Geezer Ride

Man, oh man - what a gift! A November 4th in Michigan that was sunny and warm; I saw 76 degrees on the bike thermometer on my way home.  What an absolutely spectacular November day for a motorcycle ride! Thanks to Kevin for being the spark plug for proposing, organizing and leading this ride.  A warm, sunny day, a selection of tasty back roads (most of which were unpaved) and good company - can't ask for much more than that! Two of us are retired, one of us had the day off, and the other three played hooky to come along. You shoulda too!

Here are a few photos:

The gang at a quick break following our arrival at Manitou Beach, prior to starting out on the Tri State ride route. From left to right: Randy, Craig, Kevin and Paul.


The gang at the Tri State (Michigan, Ohio and Indiana) monument. From left to right: Randy, Paul, Craig, Kevin and Shannon.


The Tri State borders monument. Question - why is the marker located 130' north of the actual tri border location? Why not at the location itself? Must be a back story there somewhere...


Yours truly at a bio break on the return trip, in the woods in the Dansville state game area alongside Williamston Rd approximately 2.5 miles south of Dansville.

When I finally pulled in to the driveway after a fine, full day of great riding my odometer showed that I logged 294 miles for the day. Not bad for a November day in Michigan, eh? 'Twas more like summer than November! Whadda treat.

If you're curious to see where this band of buffoons roamed on Wednesday, click here to view a Google map depicting the tracks of the routes ridden. I split off from the rest on the return trip, since I was headed north to Okemos while everyone else was eastward bound.

Thanks again to Kevin for being the kick starter for this, and to the rest of the gang for being fine riding company. And to Hank Adkins of GLDS for putting together these fine ride routes.

-John Fishbeck

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