BMW Canada Training 2018

Once again we traveled to the Horseshoe Valley and visited the BMW Motorrad Canada Performance Riding Centre north of Barrie, Ontario.  Clinton Smout and crew from SMART riding adventures run a fantastic ADV training center surrounded by miles of awesome trails at all skill levels.  While primarily they do dirt-bike training, they have been running the BMW school for about 14 years.  They offer the BMW certified curriculum as featured at all official BMW training center locations.  You can use your own bike, or rent one from their fleet of new BMW GS's.

Clinton in action:

The 8 of us from Michigan outnumbered the Canadians for once.  We were split into two groups, 8 in level one and 4 in level 2.

Waiting for the next rider on one of the sand hill climbs:

We all learned at lot and had a great time on the trails.  Doug invented the new sport of GS Yoga, and kept impressing everyone with his GS track-stands while doing Yoga moves.

Yoga Doug:

The trails are one of the best aspects of attending.  After each drill, when you're all heated up - they take a 15-30 minute trail ride through the tree canopied trail system for a cool-off ride.

Tight section led to some helmet decoration:

It's a great local resource for those wanting to build their off-road skills.  300 miles from S.E. Michigan.

Roosting drill (don't ask...):

A couple of us also took a 1/2 day trails-bike training as well.

We all came home with some new stories to tell, and we look forward to going back!


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