2018 International Motorcycle Show

Saturday, January 27th, saw a few members of the club heading down to Cleveland Ohio to the International Motorcycle Show, many thanks to BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan.

Over 80 riders and friends showed up to ride down to Ohio in a couple of tour buses.  It's awfully nice to be able to ride all the way down , pull up to the door and walk right into the show, no parking hassle or getting wet in the light rain that falling.

And what should greet us as we first walk in?  Why, the BMW display!


There was some really nice rides on display, with a heavy showing of dual sport bikes from all of the brands. There was also a custom bike show going on, some beautiful handmade motorcycles were on show, with a couple of unusual one thrown in.

This one was one of my favorites, mostly because it was just a nice, clean and simple motorcycle. Maybe something about the blue lights too, I'm not sure.

Then there's always the weird stuff that show up to these events.  Progressive Insurance had a barber shop set up, just in case you needed a haircut. I can't think that many people went to the show looking for a haircut, but just about every time I walked past, there were at least a couple of guys waiting their turn.

And this guy, selling his Polaris Slingshot.

Along the back wall, they had a motorcycle stunt show every couple of hours, it was cool to watch them do flips and jumps inside, with all the beams and rafters in the background.

I had a great time, did lots of walking, and spent nearly $16 for a hamburger, fries and a soda.  But most importantly, I didn't buy anything, which keeps my wife happy.

Here's some short video clips I put together.

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  • February 4, 2018 at 8:32 am

    Dale, Well done.

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