BMW of Southeast Michigan Open House

BMW of Southeast Michigan held their 10th Anniversary Open House on the 21st of May, and it was a huge success.  While it would be hard to put a firm number of attendees, motorcyclists were coming and going all throughout the day, during the time I was there I would guesstimate there was at least 150 riders there at any one time.  As usual, John put on quite the extravaganza, with a motorcycle stunt show, door prizes and great food.  They also raffled off a new custom R9T! This from their Facebook page;

Another hot topic- with all due respect to the new proud owner and winner of the custom R9T we will not disclose his name. However, we will tell you that he has been a customer of ours from the beginning of our 10 year journey here and he has purchased several motorcycles from us through the years along with his friends and family.....

Thank you to all of you who purchased a ticket and contributed to Thin Blue Line of Michigan- your donations were more generous and can't express how thankful we are and TBL of Michigan is to you. Thank you!!

I kick myself for not bringing my camera, but I managed to grab some pictures and video with my phone.

Not a BMW, I know, but still cool.


Any day you can spend looking at motorcycles is almost as good as any you can spend riding.  Quite a few members of the club showed up, as always it was good to see and talk to other members.

-Dale Estes

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