BMW Motorrad Canada Training – Sept

What a wonderful weekend. Jeff, Shannon, Mike, Steve, and myself had a wonderful ride to the School last Thursday.

School started promptly the next morning and we were joined by three locals from the greater Toronto area and one younger fellow from NYC.

In summary the class was very useful with both basic skills and real world practice in trails and sand of the Barrie ON area. Clinton Smout, (lead instructor/school founder) soon found the BMWTCD contingent to be perhaps a bit more adept than his usual class, and quickly modified and separated the class into somewhat more appropriate skill levels.

We were all impressed with all of his instructors and he even brought in a 4th instructor on the 2nd day to support the now two classes of skill levels. Perhaps most impressive was instructor Amanda, who at perhaps 25 years of age and if lucky tips the scales at 110 lbs. displayed a skill level on a R1200 GS that left us all envious.

I think Clinton felt sorry for me on my F800 GSA, so on the afternoon 2nd day he basically demanded I ride one of his R 1200 GS’s (must say was very impressed with it). Funny how he kept calling the 1200 “tractors”

Would strongly suggest this class (one heck of a value) to anyone looking to improve their big bike off road riding skills. Clinton even offered to perhaps to put together a level II class for next year for us Graduates of Level I.

-Paul O.

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