All Clubs Day 2016

September and October always seem to have the best riding weather, and Sunday was no exception.  The weather was near perfect for the annual All Clubs Day in Stockbridge, MI.   There was a huge turnout at the event, and I bet we had at least 35 members show up for breakfast that morning.  The GS riders had a route laid out that took advantage of some really nice dirt roads in Livingston County.  After they left breakfast at the Pinckney Masonic Hall, the rest of the members hung out for a bit more or found their own route to Stockbridge.  BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan has a booth next to us, where we had our usual spot on the eastern side of the town square.  There were so many motorcycles there that they had them parking a block away at a church or school parking lot.  Bikes were lining the streets for blocks around.  Here's video that doesn't even come close to showing the amount of riders that showed up.

(I know this is two weeks late, my internet at home wasn't working. I had the video finished but couldn't upload. Finally got it fixed.)

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