2017 Annual Pennington BBQ

While the weather was forecasting rain off and on throughout the day, we end up with warm temperatures and sunshine, with a bit of overcast once in a while.  A great day for a BBQ. I have to guess that there was about 30 people that showed up and maybe half on bikes.

This was my first BBQ at Don and Jan's, and they have a beautiful home and garden.  There was a ton of food and snacks.

A lot of guests brought some delicious treats also. Including chocolate covered bacon, with caramel and salt sprinkled on top.  That was another first for me and was actually pretty good.

After getting our fill, it was time to sit around and swap stories.

The back yard is pretty much an arboretum, lots of huge hostas, several flowering plants and a nice little walkway that wonders around the whole backyard.  There was a couple of small ponds tucked in between, and a few places to sit and take a rest and enjoy it all.

BMWTCD was represented, along with several members from the MSTA, and John and his wife from BWM of Southeast Michigan.  There was even a rumor that someone from the Secret K club was in attendance.

Quite a few people showed up on bikes, always a good thing.

After stuffing my face with good food, and hanging out with good friends, I left around 4:00.  Another perfect day for a ride.

I'd like to thank Don and Jan for hosting this event every year, and I'm definitely looking forward to next years BBQ.


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