High Mileage Honor Roll

This page recognizes our club riders with that passion to ride.  This is what we do, "We Ride".

Member NameBMW MileageAll Bike Mileage
Dick Hautau800,000835,000
Sharon Hautau (Co-Pilot)600,000600,000
Kevin Quinn 300,000500,000+
Marina Ackerson300,000310,000+
Grant Ward300,000300,000+
Rick Griffith300,000300,000+
Pat Carol293,300293,300
Glenn Brechner280,000310,000
Dave Swan250,000250,000+
Roland Whitlock 236,000400,000+
Jim Slater 206,204248,848
Matt Reisner 203,000213,000
Tom Gary200,000200,000+
Don Bak195,000200,000+
Ron Bak184,000200,000+
Frank Zeek100,000100,000+
Rob Keay100,000100,000
Dave Johnson100,000100,000
Mike Eckstein100,000100,000+

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