Join the BMW Touring Club of Detroit

Would you like to become a new member or renew your membership to our organization? This is the place to do it. The dues are cheap and there are few if any obligations. If you are just getting into riding BMW motorcycles, then make sure to check out our special free offer below. There is also a membership application form available for you to print and send in.

Free Membership to Buyers of a New BMW Motorcycle

BMW TCD offers a free one-year trial membership to any non-member who buys a new or used BMW motorcycle from either of the two Detroit-area dealers, BMW Motorcycles of Detroit and BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan, or BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids. This offer is only for bikes purchased during the current year and is good for membership through Dec. 31 of the year in which the bike was purchased. Read the newsletters, come to a few events, talk and ride with us, and see what we're all about. Ask your dealer for the forms and details.

Annual membership is just $20 and can be paid by Paypal or credit card (via Paypal), or by check. Please make sure your mailing address and phone number is included at checkout. The TCD is chartered by the BMW MOA, the BMW RA, and the AMA. If you are a member of any of these organizations, please provide your membership information to help support our charter affiliations.

Renewing your Membership:

If you're already a member, be sure to log in with your current user name and password before going to the renewal page.  The site knows whether you're a new club member or an current one and will apply your membership/renewal accordingly.  And if you're early with your renewal, we'll just add on another year to the time you have left, you won't lose any time.  Go to the renewal page now.

New Memberships:

By joining the BMWTCD , you'll get access to private Forum sections that are for club members only.  This is a non-recurring payment, meaning you'll have to renew your membership each year. Don't fret though, we'll send you a reminder when you membership is about to expire.   Go to the membership page to join now.

Print/Download the Membership Form

If you are not able to join online, you can still do it the old fashioned way - you can write a check and mail it in.

New Form Coming Soon!

Mail a $20 check payable to the BMW Touring Club of Detroit to:

BMW Touring Club of Detroit
P.O. Box 2653
Southfield, Michigan, 48037-2653

Please provide your name, address, email, phone number, bike(s) owned, and AMA/BMW MOA membership numbers (if available)

To register just for the website and forum, you can go here.