2019 Breakfast List

Breakfast time is 9:00.  Some members get there early - they can't help themselves for some reason.  If you're new to the group, it may be easier to show up a bit earlier (8:30), so you aren't the last one to order.  It's a friendly bunch, so just introduce yourself around.  You'll be welcomed, and hopefully entertained with everyone's riding stories.

1/6/19             Kerby's North

1/13/19           Senate Coney Island - Plymouth

1/20/19           Pinckney Masonic Lodge (West side)
1/20/19           Greek Jalapeño  (North side)

1/27/19           Americus Coney & Grill

2/3/19             Kerby's North

2/10/19           Nello’s

2/17/19           Pinckney Masonic Lodge (West side)
2/17/19           Greek Jalapeño  (North side)

2/24/19           Americus Coney & Grill

3/3/19             Kerby's North

3/10/19            Scrambler Marie’s

3/17/19           Pinckney Masonic Lodge (West side)
3/17/19           Greek Jalapeño  (North side)

3/24/19          Americus Coney & Grill