TCD Chat (Slack)

This website is the primary communication for the BMW Touring Club Detroit. Please always consult the website for information on rides and events, which will be posted to the homepage, the Calendar and in the Discussion Forums. Although the Discussion Forums on this website provide great value, many members of the club desired an instant messaging capability. For instant messaging/chat, a BMW TCD channel has been set up in "Slack", an application that allows multiple channels of chat discussions. Slack is available for all platforms - Apple, Android and Windows.

To download the Slack app and access the BMW TCD channels, click here.

Please read and adhere to the following when using the BMW TCD slack channels:

  • We are using the free version with a storage limit and feature restriction.  Older posts and photos are deleted 1-for-1 now as we have hit our limit.  This is not really a problem, just something to keep in mind.
  • Anyone can start a new channel.  You should start a new channel for each ride or special topic and keep the posts within each channel relevant to its topic.
  • Please post to the website Forum any new rides, events or topics you are starting. Not everyone uses Slack, and the website is the primary communication platform for the club. We want to keep the Forums as the master for basic club activities.
  • Old channels will be deleted after a period of inactivity and/or when topic is no longer relevant.
  • Please keep the discussion to motorcycle and club-related activities. So far, we have had good luck keeping politics off the Slack.
  • Remember to adjust your notifications as usage grows.  Reach out for help if needed.
  • Take advantage of the private messaging option to chat with individuals or subgroups.
  • Take advantage of the polling option to help coordinate ride issues.