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    Gerhard Kuhn

    Your token Canadian member here, I would like to attend Sunday’s Soar ‘n Ride event but did not see a spot to sign up.



    Mike E

    No need to sign up!  Just show up at the field.

    If you are interested in going for a ride, the soaring club will have the sign up at the field.

    Gerhard Kuhn

    I have friends from Fort Wayne Indiana would they be welcome, they ride a K1600GTL.

    Mike E

    Everybody is welcome!

    Gerhard Kuhn

    Sorry for all the questions but what time do folks start arriving at the air field?

    Pat O’Neill


    Take a nice ride this Sunday, August 18, and join the BMW Touring Club of Detroit for their weekly breakfast at the Pinckney Masonic Lodge in Pinckney, MI. They will be meeting there at 9 am

    After the TCD breakfast, head on over to the Sour ‘n Ride. This is a great destination for a Sunday ride, whether or not you ride the routes from the field. Come watch the sailplanes, have lunch, and hang out with other TCD’ers. Meet at the Richmond Field, home of the Sandhill Soaring Club, 19935 Doyle Rd, Gregory, MI 48137. There will be staged scenic routes for both off-road and all pavement rides. Stay for a picnic lunch at 12:30 pm. Everyone is welcome!

    If you are feeling really daring you can take a flight in a glider plane for a nominal fee. This is a unique chance to view the magnificent scenery near Gregory from the silence of a glider.

    Gerhard Kuhn

    Thanks for the update. Rain in the forecast here but it was the same forecast for today and it was sunny all day, so to arrive dry.




    John Harte

    Weather looks great for soaring at

    Ride and fly!

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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