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    Jeff Grimes

    I am upgrading my 850GS  seat with one from SeatConcepts.  They ship replacement foam and covers, but require that you reuse your original seat pan.

    I offloaded all my tools when I sold the house recently…and am now in need of a seamstress with experience replacing seat covers, or I can tackle it myself, but need access to a small compressor and staple gun (1/4″ staples).

    Has anyone replaced their seat cover, or had someone do it that you can recommend?


    My Tailbone would be VERY appreciative

    David Swan

    I am assuming it is a plastic pan (staples).  I have used very short ( 1/4 inch, probably #2 or #4),  countersink type flat head wood screw & a washer to spread the load to a larger area on the cover.  Use the same holes where the staples were or use a pin drill to pre-drill. This also allow easy removal/reinstall if your foam need modification.

    Jeff Grimes

    Thanks, Dave.  Great suggestion.  And, I did keep a few screwdrivers 🙂

    Barry Matherly

    I did the Seat Concepts on my KLR. I tried an eelectric stapler, it didn’t work. I went to Laird Upholstery in Plymouth, they staples mine in minutes, didn’t want to charge me, but the guy who did it took 10$ from me.


    well worth it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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