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    Keith Murray

    OK this is really a question about the media player on the Nav V, but I think it is Nav related, so here goes…

    I am trying to play my mp3 files with the Nav V Media player and it doesn’t work correctly.  It sounds like the music is buffering, so I only here a second of music and then a pause then another second of music.  I have a 32gb SD card formatted in FAT32, per the instructions, and it appears everything is correct – just doesn’t play correctly.

    Any ideas?

    Pat O’Neill

    If you haven’t already it would be worth doing a firmware update on the device. I know they have fixed specific Bluetooth issues in past updates and if it’s been a long time since you’ve last updated that could help.

    Keith Murray

    Thanks for the tip, Pat.  I have updated to the latest firmware, still no luck.

    Dave Allgood

    Sounds like a possible bluetooth problem to me.  What device are you using to listen?  Did you try playing the music on the card on your computer to check the card function?

    Keith Murray

    Yes I tested the card and it works fine in other devices.  I have my Nav5 synced to my Packtalk and Iphone 6S.

    I have the pairing as follows:

    I phone to Packtalk

    I phone to Nav5

    Packtalk to Nav5

    Harry Jones

    2 suggestions:

    1- Unpair everything. Pair just your Sena and the Nav and see what happens. Your phone setting may be the problem.

    2-  On the Google, search ADVRIDER: Nav V MP3 Music. I recall having a similar problem getting my music to play thru the Nav V and AdvRider had the solution.

    Although I got the Nav V to play my music I no longer use it. It became a pain to constantly convert my newer music to MP3. I found using my iPhone for music was a lot easier to live with.

    Keith Murray

    Well I have tried every option I could find with no luck on the media player issue.  So I decided to stick with my current setup and load my music on my iphone.  I have the iPhone paired with my PackTalk and the Nav5.  This allows me to see caller ID on the Nav5 and play music on the iPhone and keep SIRI in the game.  So far it is working well.

    Thanks for you help and suggestions.


    Craig G

    I know this is an older thread, but the Nav5 can only Bluetooth music from the memory card in it to your headset. Having your phone paired to your headset and the phone paired to the Nav5 was only making things worse.

    The Nav6 makes things much simpler as you can use the Nav6 to control music that is located on your phone. In this case, you pair the iPhone to the Nav6, then the Nav6 to your headset. Done.

    The display on the Nav6 is waaaaay better too. I just upgraded from the 5 to the 6, so I have first hand experience.

    Keith, let me know if you have any additional questions. Perhaps I could show you sometime at one of our rides. I will be doing the Oakland County ADV ride coming up in just over a week.

    – Craig

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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