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    Jeff H

    I would disagree about the hotels being plentiful. The first night we were lucky to find rooms at the RoseLoe Motel near Warm Springs. It was a nice motel btw. The rest of the time we stayed at campgrounds. But we did rent cabins at the first campground the second night because it was cheaper than pitching tents at $25 per tent.


    Jeff – Thanks for the tip.  Let’s plan on all carrying camping gear and deciding on the route.



    I will not be able to join as I have family commitments on those dates. That’s a hard time of year for me to plan vacations anyways.

    Enjoy the ride guys. I know there will be more opportunities to ride the MABDR in the near future.


    Swamp: Bummer – it would have been great to have you along.

    I’ve been chatting with the July team and am compiling a good list of hotels and campgrounds along the way.  I’d like to make camping the main plan and switch to hotels if the weather is nasty.   I found 19 along the route, which should give us plenty of options over 6 days.



    With MABDR 2.0 (aka mini-MABDR) just a few weeks away (Sept 29 departure), perhaps we should meet up live for a planning meeting.   I live in Salem Township (triangulated between South Lyon, Northville and Ann Arbor).   I believe Mr. Linton is in Novi (at least he was when I bought his KTM 400).

    Where/when would work for a planning session?

    Craig R

    Greg Linton

    Mr. Renneker knows where I live…better not cross him. 😛

    I agree a planning session is in order, especially if beer and pizza are involved. I will be out of town this w/e at a wedding, otherwise mostly in the general vicinity.

    I recently purchased some Giant Loop luggage to drape over my pannier racks, but have yet to pull them out of the box for a test fit. Been faffing around with the shitty Tusk made in China pannier rack. Bad engineering and worse execution, but it should manage to keep my MotoTrekk Panniers off the exhaust. Gotta a bigass Columbia dry bag too that could swallow a small child.


    OK – I’ll throw out a proposal:  Meet next Tuesday night at 7 pm at Shaker’s Bar & Grill at Wixom Road and Grand River (south-west corner, hidden behind the Red Olive restaurant).   I will bring the MABDR map and we can discuss routes, departure, camp-vs-hotel.  We may also be able to economize on what we carry (e.g. air pump, jumper cables, etc.)

    John Dixon: still interested?

    John Dixon

    Unfortunately, I’ve got to skip this one. Have a great ride gents, and I’ll look forward to the route report!

    Mike E

    John – I have your T-shirts.  Let me know if you still want them.

    John Dixon

    Thanks Mike. Definitely want them. Can you send via mail? Or I can pick them up at an upcoming event.

    Greg Linton

    7p Tues at Shakers works for me. I could walk there if I weren’t opposed to exercise.

    Just you and me, Craig? Damn, this is going to be like a week long blind date. People will talk… 😛


    We may have two more guys coming……  I’ll keep beating the bushes..


    Greg Linton

    Me too. Trying to lure in a friend with a triple black ’16 GS. But, he likes to keep his bike all shiney, so it will be a hard sell.

    Good thing we weren’t planning on riding this week. Things will be sloppy thanks to Florence.



    Here early with Rick.  Look for bright red shirt and helmet on table


    Hey guys – looks like I’m out of the MABDR next week.  My church is pulling together a volunteer team for a Hurricane Florence relief trip to Delaware.   This was the type of thing I had to say “no” to while working and I want to participate.   If any of you are interested, we are joining up with Samaritan’s Purse who manages the logistics of the relief work.  I think we will be pumping out basements and tearing out water-logged drywall.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 60 total)
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