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    John Dixon

    I’m also good to leave as early as Sept 29. Personally, I’d rather slab it to Damascus VA on Saturday and Sunday, then start the ride in Virginia on Monday the 1st. Doing that makes for a slightly shorter route home from Lawrenceville PA (possibly a 1-day haul).

    I have the gear to camp, but would be good with the hotel route too.

    I don’t have any blackout dates in October as of now.

    The MABDR map is here on my desk ūüôā Let me know when you’re ready to grab a beer and look at the route/choose dates/etc.

    Greg Linton

    No blackout dates on my calendar either at this point, but I would like to narrow it down to one of 2 weeks in Oct so I can avoid committing to any work related monkey business.

    I’m good with either direction, but feel getting the longest slab stretch out of the way first may be better psychologically.

    Haven’t attempted motocamping on my 1090R yet, but will do a dry run beforehand.

    Official tracks downloaded to my phone. Will spring for the map if I can’t bum one off one of the July participants.


    I’ll loan you my MAMBR map after we get back. ¬†If you haven’t seen the video yet, I have a copy if anyone wants to borrow it for a viewing.


    We may have another taker for the October MABDR: Justin Eisley.¬† ¬†I’d like to focus in on the week from September 29 through October 6.

    My map and DVD arrived last week.¬† I’ll watch it tonight..

    John Dixon

    I’m good for Sept 29-Oct6. Do you guys want to lock that in?

    Greg Linton

    Works for me!


    Update!¬† ¬† I spoke with many of the July MABDR crew at the UP ride last weekend.¬† The consensus was that we should budget 6 days for the actual MABDR route.¬† Their “fast group” did it in 4.5, but didn’t see much along the way.¬† ¬†If we add in a slab day on either end, we have an 8-day window.¬† ¬†There may be some minor advantage of going N>S instead of S>N for general interest in the riding.¬† ¬†I was thinking that we may have a 0.1% better chance with weather if we start north and end south.

    I’m still OK with the September 26>October 6 window.¬† I would have some interest in starting a day or two early to allow me to do another event on Oct 5-6.

    Who’s still interested?

    John Dixon

    Thanks Craig. I was anxiously awaiting the report from our guys who did the MABDR. Any report on the ride conditions? I’m good for Sept 26 – Oct 6. I may have some travel coming up in Sept, but I expect that I can arrange it for early-mid month. Will update the forum if it gets in the way. Agree with adding a slab day on either end. I’ll trust the ride report if N-> is better, no issues for me there.


    Here are a few ride tidbits I picked up:

    – It is a LOT of riding on twisties.

    – The Maryland stretch was boring

    – The Expert Jeep Trails weren’t worth the extra time

    – There is one difficult section with large rocks on a steep grade

    – There were no significant muddy or sandy streches

    Any July MABDR guys have anything else to add?



    Craig….Yea many twisties but they are not extremely long….and not difficult….speed¬†ridden is entirely up to each rider.¬† Paved roads on these section are near perfect¬† IMO

    The difficult section is challenging but I am sure doable by any of us….you go slow and it is fairly short….as I remember, it has a small break and then picks back up so you are not on a continuous¬†“step grade” the entire length.

    Doing it in 6 days sounds perfect…..we pushed it (especially 1st day) to make it in 4.5 days.¬†¬† 6 days will allow many more “pics” and “smelling the flower” moments.

    Camping spots along the way were more than adequate….although my standards are not too high.

    Food was easy to come by… one “starved” during the ride, that is for sure!

    Only rule we need to enforce is “No falling off a cliff”¬† (Thank Zach & Jeff H. for this)

    Guarantee everyone will enjoy the route…..promise all will be smiling during and after riding.





    And as I just posted on SLACK, I have to teach until Sept. 30th so I can’t leave home till Oct. 1st.¬† But if you go before that I can always join you somewhere along the route.


    John Dixon

    @Rick345… aside from the difficult section, is the route easy enough to ride solo?

    Mike E

    You could ride any of it solo, and we saw riders who were doing just that.

    But unexpected things can happen, and you really would want others around in case they did.  There are a lot of narrow paths along steep drop-offs.  Having someone who knows where to look might prove invaluable.


    Greg Linton

    A Sat departure / following Sat-Sun return would be easier for me to schedule around work obligations, but I could probably do a Friday get-out-of-dodge without too much fuss.


    OK – should we nail it down?¬† Saturday, September 29 we leave (BMW SE Detroit parking lot?) early and head for the northern end of the MADBR (Lindley, NY).¬† Do the route in 6 days and slab back from Virginia on Saturday, October 6.¬† ¬† I’m told that motels are cheap and plentiful along the route, but I’m OK to camp as well.¬† Perhaps I’ll bring my hammock and have flexibility for either.

    Google shows 7 hrs, 8 min to the start of the route, so we can likely get some MABDR in even on the first day.

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