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    Mike E

    Put them on right before the trip.

    You should replace the tires when they need to be, but you could swap out knobbies vs regular when needed if you’re good with the tire irons.

    Craig G


    You May want to consider a set of street tires if doing a lot of freeway/commuting miles. Having said that, the Mitas E07 is a tire you may want to consider. It has a decent knobby pattern, is of a harder compound and different in the center of the tread to promote better longevity. They aren’t good in the mud (vs the TKC80), but should be just fine for the coming MABDR terrain.

    I ran a TKC80 on the front and a Mitas E07 on the rear and liked it o F800GS except as noted above (and swiped back to a TKC80 on the rear). I was not commuting on my F800GS either though…


    Thanks guys. Just out of curiosity does anyone know the average cost of a used set of rims for a 1200gs LC, and where is the best place to look for a used set? Seems like in the long run that may be the easier way to go, versus switching tires all the time.

    Craig G

    Not sure about pricing, but keep an eye out for wheels in the Classifieds on


    You can likely buy another KLX for the price of a set of wheels for the GS (with rotors/TPM sensors/etc).  I have all but abandoned hope for finding a used set for what I’d be willing to pay.

    For the price, you can burn up many (many) TKC-80’s.   Easy to change on your own (and you know people that can help get you started).  I order mine off amazon for around $130 or so.

    That said, been thinking about doing the TKC-80 front/TKC-70 rear which I have heard people say it’s a good combo for just about everything but mud.  But for now, the 80 is the devil I know…


    Ha! 🙂 Yeah, the rims seem to be a small fortune. I like your suggestion of the combo setup. I might give that a whirl in July.

    Is there a trick to removing/installing the rear wheel when the bike is on the center stand? I removed the rear last night, but struggled a bit getting it around the break caliper. It wasn’t too bad since it was coming off, but installing it seems like it may be much harder. The stand appears not quite high enough. I saw some people raise the bike with a jack but I don’t have one of those. Of course I was doing it by myself which makes relatively simple task seem difficult. Then there is always the possibility I was doing something stupid 🙂



    Are you taking off the rear fender/possum scraper?

    I just swapped out a rear tire over the weekend using the center stand with no clearance issues.   If not, try taking that off and see if it doesn’t give you the clearance you are looking for.

    Unless your GS is “low” height, which would have a shorted center/side stand, that’s about all I can think of.


    Dang, that’s it! It’s a low suspension. Now it all makes sense. I don’t think it will pose too much of an issue but it will definitely be a 2 man job. I think if someone lifts up on the back just far enough for me to get the wheel into position it’ll be fine. It’s like 2 inches or so to clear the caliper.


    ScottyP, place a piece of 2X6 on the ground and place your center stand on that. It will give you a little more height off the ground.


    Low suspension.. that makes sense.  Use Swamp’s idea and use a block of wood under the centerstand to get the extra height needed.

    Or you could always just park it on its side like Crago and go at it horizontally.  🙂


    Sorry I can’t make the July MABDR group ride.   Anyone interested in Version 2.0 the week of October 1st?

    John Dixon

    @Craig: I can’t make the MABDR in July either. I know, I know, I’m the original poster… scheduling collision with work!


    I’d be up for the week of October 1. Better weather too 🙂 Skill level – I’m somewhere between novice and intermediate, even after giving Jim Hyde ~10k USD for Intro and NextStep training 🙂



    Good to hear.  From my understanding, this is not a very technical route with a few water crossings and mud as the main obstacles.  Riding in October, I think we have a reasonably good chance of avoiding the worst.  If you invest in a set of proper tires, you should be fine.  You need to put that RawHyde training into practice!

    Any other takers?

    Dave Allgood – still interested?

    Greg Linton

    I cant make the July edition either, but would be interested in MABDR redux in Oct.



    Fantastic!!   I don’t have any firm plan yet.   I can leave as early as Saturday, September 29.  My last day of work at Ford is Friday, September 28!   I’m thinking of riding the big GS directly to the start of the MABDR in Pennsylvania and then following the route down south.   I’m interested in camping to get the full experience, but would be OK with the more convenient hotel route.

    Let’s see if we can collect up some others for “MABDR V2.0”

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 60 total)
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