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    John Dixon

    I was at the MABDR screening on Monday, heard some rumors that BMWTCD is going to part of the route in July. I’m definitely game for it. Anyone else planning on doing the route this summer?


    Yep, Mike E said they’re planning on riding MABDR on the way to RA National Rally that start July 19th in PA.

    I’m planning a MABDR ride in mid September. More than likely we’ll be doing the route North to South so that we can hit Back of Dragon etc at the end trip before heading home.



    Mike E

    We will probably end up with several groups doing that ride this summer. One in July, and it sounds like September as well (keep us in the loop James if you want company).

    We’re going to have a go at it on July 14-19 before the RA Rally.  We will probably have different groups for that one as well depending on desired mileage per day and how much sightseeing you want to do.

    July 14 will be a one-day ride to the start of the route.

    July 15-19 will be doing the MADBR to the RA Rally.

    July 19-21 – Riding at RA Rally

    July 21 or 22 – one / two day ride home.

    We may have some start at a mid-section point vs. doing the whole route to provide an easier schedule. As more people complete the ride and post about their experiences on, we’ll learn more about what is an ideal daily mileage target and adjust from there.



    I plan on joining the ride with  the July 14-19 group on the way to RA Rally.

    Craig G

    I’m in for the BDR, but may meet you at the start. Not sure of my logistics yet – will keep you posted.

    Paul O

    Ride Report being written by Brian Much (Cannonshot) for those not familiar with him, his ride reports go into a great amount of detail and local history along the way.



    Eric VanDyke

    I plan to do the whole ride. July 14-22 as long as DeathValley Testing does not get in the way.


    I am planning on doing the whole ride also.  I am going to make a motel reservation somewhere near the start point of the MABDR for Sat. July 14th.    I’ll let you guys know where, hopefully within the next few days.


    Mike E

    That’s a good idea.  There may be a lot of others with a similar idea (riding the MABDR in route to the RA).

    Is there a consensus on ADV rider yet as far as how many days it takes to do the whole route.  Our schedule has 5 days.

    Jeff H

    I’m going to iron butt the entire route the day before the rally. Catch me if you can 😉


    @Jeff  H…… you will be asleep all day in your tent during the first day of the rally?


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    I just booked a room for Sat. July 14th at the Red Roof Inn Abingdon.

    It is only 15 minutes from Damascus, VA (the start point of the MABDR).

    $66 for a room with a king size bed / free breakfast and Wi-Fi.




    Paul O

    For those considering the MABD, Brian Much “Cannonshot” has completed his ride report of the MABDR  See post 14248 above.  A good read for those considering this.  In addition he has posted his version of the track along with many waypoint warnings etc , along wit the original track. May be worth a look for those doing it this summer.  His notes below

    Here is a GPX with over 400 waypoints for everything from water crossings to points of interest. The primary track we rode is contained in the first 15 track segments of 500 or less points each so they will work on many early model GPS units that only accept 20 tracks of 500 points or less. I also included the May 2018 version of the MABDR tracks from the MABDR website (in dark gray) in this GPX for easy comparison so people can see the differences between my trip track and the standard BDR track. Those 15 tracks are mostly greater than 500 points each. Not sure how many would want to follow my exact path but the information and waypoints will be useful nonetheless. This includes Paebr 322’s recommended path in the Michaux (thank you). As a reminder, always get the current base track from the MABDR website so that your ride would include all the most recent changes to the path based on closures or other reroutes. This should be a useful reference to other riders since it contains a lot of information about the basic route itself. Hope it proves helpful to many.”



    Jeff H

    That Cannonshot write-up is a good read/follow. I would say even better than the movie. Might have look at taking the whole week off for that one.


    I need a new set of tires before this ride, (sooner than that really) TKC80’s, or Anakee Wilds, or something else? TKC 80s seem to be the crowd favorite, but i’m dismayed by their short life. I ride 100 miles to work and back on the freeway so if I got a pair now i would likely need a new set before the trip :-0

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