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    David Mayer

    I purchased a 2019 gs 1250 and it has 2200 miles on it and been in the shop a total of 145 days with a stalling problem (serious Manufacturing Issue) the guys at S. E. Michigan BMW have been great trying everything BMW has been asking them to do to no avail, it has ruined the last part of my season last year and is now ruining this years season I want to ride with you guys but I don’t know where else to turn. If anyone In the club has any influence With BMW I ask for some help. Michigan does not have the lemon law for motorcycles so my last resort is to sue BMW and I really want to avoid going down that road.

    Thank you,

    Your Club Brother Dave Mayer

    Mike E

    Have you called BMW directly yet?  I would start with that.

    You could also try posting on to learn about other rider’s experiences.

    David Mayer

    I have talked to customer service at BMW and also in an email and the case is under review Mike and John have been helping out at S.E. BMW. One of my coworkers suggested to post on social media my problems and maybe BMW would take interest and settle it promptly, I have been going around with this for 145 days + I was just hoping that some one in the club would have someone they know at BMW to maybe get things going faster. The weather is turning nicer and i’m getting the itch the last time i joined you guys on a ride was last year at the Clarkston to Rochester ever since then my bike has been acting up and i fear i will get stranded some where that’s why you haven’t seen me since.

    Mark & Angelique Bartreau

    If you are a member BMWMOA ,

    one of their  benefits is that they have a consumer liaison that perhaps could help with this.

    Hope you get your bike back soon..

    David Mayer

    I do not belong to BMWMOA I have been told to join and the great benefits they have, Thank you for taking the time and responding to my forum comment.

    Since my post i have been emailed by BMW customer service letting me know that my issue is under review and to be patient.

    Jennifer Argentino

    I am very happy to say that BMW is taking care of David.  I will let him tell the story 🙂

    David Mayer

    Since I have posted this morning I have been contacted by BMW customer service and was informed that BMW is going to repurchase my 2019 gs.  I owe a great gratitude to John and Mike at S.E. Michigan BMW for all the support and perseverance to make this happen. I have never had a Dealership ever go above and beyond what S.E. Michigan BMW has, they have earned my loyalty for life I would suggest anyone looking  for a new motorcycle to look no further that S.E. Michigan BMW a truly caring bunch of professionals that are clearly a cut above the competition bar none.

    I thank everyone for all there suggestions, help and look forward to this years gatherings

    Dave Mayer

    Jennifer Argentino

    David:  It was a pleasure to sell you the bike and I am sorry that you had these issues.  I am so glad to see the BMW will not only repurchase your bike, but provide you with a brand new one and put all of the great accessories you purchased on the new bike for you at no extra cost.

    I look forward to seeing you at future TCD events!


    Where’s the like button when you need it… 🙂

    Glad you were taken care of.


    David Mayer

    Thank You


    Kent Niederhofer

    It’s nice to hear a story where the OEM did the right thing to back the end customer.  The dealer is sometimes in a difficult position as they are the face to the client and it sound like John’s team did everything  they could and, with your patience and perseverance, were able to get to a satisfactory conclusion.  Congratulations!

    More importantly, what are you going to get for your next bike and in what color?


    David Mayer

    Thank you for the kind words Kent, I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome John and Mike at S.E. BMW were fantastic.  I have never seen a dealership take care of a customer as they have taken care of me I am so grateful it all worked out,  I know I won’t go anywhere else.

    I am getting the same exact bike and swapping all the equipment I had with the new one.


    Kent Niederhofer

    Excellent decision.  I did the same thing when I totaled my black 2019 BMW R1250GS just two months after I bought it.  John’s team had another one on hold for me as soon as they got the news and I’ve been enjoying it ever since!

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