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    I’ll be moving back to Michigan soon and hope to get there in time to enjoy a ride or two before snow becomes an issue.  So, in doing a search I found your club and whenever I get there (waiting for my current home in Colorado to sell), I’ll be sure to meet y’all for a Sunday breakfast!

    I grew up in Troy, have family in Clarkston, Sterling Heights, and Grand Blanc.  I’ll likely be moving to Oakland or Gennesse counties, but final destination is up in the air.  I’m also a MSU alum and I can’t wait to get back and go on a ride to see the fall colors or visit a cider mill!

    I ride a ’00 R1200C Montana (photo attached) and have done three long distance rides from my base in Denver (Yellowstone, Phoenix (x2)) and many day rides within Colorado.  For about 5 years, I served as a motorcycle marshal for a number of Duathlon and Triathlon series, including IronMan at Boulder Reservoir.  Clearly that was for the biking portion of those races and I wouldn’t mind picking that up again if any of you know of similar opportunities in Michigan. I’ve been a member of the MOA and the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado, but am not current with either.  In fact, I just got my bike running for the first time in 3-4 years (owned it since ’06) and the itch to ride has naturally resurfaced.  I intend to renew with the MOA soon.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d introduce myself.  Looking forward to meeting and riding with y’all.


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    Pat O’Neill

    Hi Ron!

    Welcome… This is a great club with a lot of fun rides. Check out the calendar on this site to see what we’ve been up to.

    Coming to a breakfast is a great idea .. also in early March we have an annual club meeting where we plan the ride calendar for the year — so this would be another good one to attend if you are in town by then.



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