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    Mike E

    Who’s in?  Please chime in if you’re thinking about going.

    The weather forecast took a turn for the worse, but what do those guys know anyway?

    Please check back, so we can keep everyone in the loop.

    Gerhard Kuhn

    I had had seriously thought about this but this is what we woke up to today and it is possible for 20” by Friday morning.  Hope those that make it have a great time.




    Barry Matherly

    I’ve been watching the forecast all week, the night time temps, while chilly have been OK, and the daytime temps were certainly tolerable.

    however 20″, would make for great stories and better photos…for someone other than me.


    I will be watching the weather for a window to ride the Hines Park light show some evening this month.


    Company would be more fun!



    Mike E

    That’s a great idea Barry!


    What? We are letting a little snow stop the fun, I have my tent packed and ready.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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