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    Mark & Angelique Bartreau

    Does anyone add the BMWMOA roadside assistance plan to their membership ?

    If so do you recommend it ? Which level do you have ?

    Thanks for any input !

    Ride Well,


    Jennifer Argentino

    I have it and it is worth every penny. I got a nail in a week old tire on a ride to Arizona and MOA covered the tire and labour at the BMW dealer in Oklahoma City. The Bill would have been $300.

    Jennifer Argentino

    I have the platinum BTW.

    Jack Johnson

    The A.M.A, roadside assistance works well too, on your car also.

    Mark & Angelique Bartreau

    Thanks for the input Jennifer and Jack !


    I had to use it (MOA Platinum) last fall for my RT, when my battery died. Pleasantly surprised that the tow driver was informed from MOA that I was on a motorcycle. He brought a Condor wheel chock to attach the front wheel first, and then used the cable to pull everything up on the lift.

    Zero charge btw.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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