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    So I started looking into booking a camp site at Cresent St Park for the thumb run coming on 9/14. I wanted to book a site near the site that we have been at for the last few years. Well as I found out all of the sites around that area are already booked. And looking around the camp ground there are only a couple sites left to be reserved in the entire park.

    So I than looked into moving down the road (about 10 miles south) to Sleeper State Park. For those that don’t know Sleeper S.P. it is just north of Caseville. Any ways Sleeper has a lot of camp sites open when you look at the DNR web site. Also I called the camp ground to confirm that they have a lot of site open and they said yes.

    So I would like to recommend that we go to Sleeper S.P. instead of Cresent S.P. this year for the annual Thumb Run weekend. It will be a lot less crowded. And hopefully we will not have to deal with the big rigs coming in at midnight making all kinds of noise setting up there rigs like we have at Cresent for the last few years.

    I will not be making a reservation for this weekend like I have in the past @ Cresent. But I am planning to arrive at the park on Friday and I will be shooting for site # 65. Hopefully it will still be open when I get there. Plus according to the DNR web site there are multiple sites in that same area that are open too. So we should have plenty of room for all of us this year at Sleep S.P.

    The address is as follows:

    Sleeper State Park is 723 acres of forest, wetlands, sandy beach and dunes located on the Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron. Visitors can watch both sunrises and sunsets on the bay, relax in the shade and seclusion of the campground or roam the trails of the ancient dune forests.
    6573 State Park Road
    Caseville, Michigan, 48725-9799 USA

    PHONE (989) 856-4411

    Hope to see you up their too.

    Dave D

    Dale Estes

    I like this, it seems that the last couple of times at Cresent, it was getting just too crowded. I’ll meet you at Sleeper on Friday. I might have to leave after work though, depending on my schedule and how busy I am.

    Dale Estes

    Fot those that are going up to Sleeper State part for the Thumb Run, I just heard from Dave DeCook, who went up earlier this morning, he has camp site 69, and says that it’s hardly crowded at all. I’ll probably leave Saturday morning as I had to work today.


    Well the Thumb run has come and gone now. We had a smaller group than we have had in the past. The attendees were Harry Jones, Dale Estes and my self. It’s too bad more couldn’t have attended. The camp ground was not very crowded, and we had one of the largest sites in the camp.  There was plenty of room for more people. We all voted for going back to Sleeper next year.

    On my ride up on Friday I had a little bit of drizzle about 1/2 way up.  But than it cleared up by the time I got to the camp site. It was very windy most of Friday night. And I saw on the weather report that the metro Detroit area got hit with some heavy weather too.

    All day Saturday we had perfect weather , it was in the low 70’s and sunny. Prefect for doing what ever. The high winds prevented me from going swimming due to the high waves and currents. Oh well some other time. When we went down into Port Austin for lunch. I notice that one of the restaurants in town on main street that the group had frequent in the past had been torn down. This was due to a fire last fall. Too bad it was a great place to eat. After lunch we had to go get ice cream at “The Grindstone Country Store”. For those that haven’t been there before, it’s a destination if you like ice cream. The small size is 17 oz’s. So needless to say you will not leave hungry. It’s fun to watch the reactions of some of the customers when they come out side.

    Early Sunday morning we had some heavy rain during the early morning hours so we had to deal with packing up the wet gear in the morning before heading for home. I didn’t see any rain all the way home.

    Sorry to see that more couldn’t make it this year. Hopefully we’ll have a larger group next year. I know I’ll be back.

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