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…..and he though that it might have to do with the length of the route. He suggested cutting longer routes in half.

My issues have been on shorter routes with less than 30 via points. These are older routes that have worked in the past but have become problematic recently when reloaded from BaseCamp.


I have had 0 issues in using Basecamp with my Z-550. But I always re-do older routes made in older versions of Basecamp on older mapping versions.

If I bring up an old route made on older mapping in an older version of Basecamp it will usually have some corruption when imported and recalculated into the Zumo.

Try opening one of your older routes in your newer Basecamp version on a newer map set then highlight the route and simply hit recalculate (bet you can watch the route change as it recalculates). Then hit undo and watch it go back to previous form.

I could probably just repair the changed areas but to have a trusted useful route I usually just make a new one using the original as a guide. That way all the time stamps are correct and the route goes into my Zumo trouble free.