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I can’t give you the wrenching specifics since I’m mechanically challenged but I can give my riding opinion. I had a 2000 model that served me well for 5 years and 65k miles. My current ride is a 2004 that just clicked 80K today. I love this bike! I use it for commuting and touring, it can do it all. I had a Corbin on the 00 but haven’t gotten around to it on the 04. After 10 years, the bike is utterly stock except for a throttle lock I recently purchased at the Billings rally. Only buy this bike if you want an S model. Don’t add a tall windscreen and bar risers trying to make it “more comfortable “. If that’s what you desire, buy an RT. Although the new 2016 RS is equipped with all the latest tech, I prefer to keep my S because it’s still loads of fun after 10 years. One glitch does come to mind. The throttle assembly has a design flaw and it will fray the cables over time. The last time it was replaced with a re-engineered version that corrected the problem. I can only assume that it could be retrofitted to the 99 model. Hope I was helpful.