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Another suggestion for BIKES THAT WILL BE FALLING A LOT

1) take off your windshield. I have seen people hit them on their way off the bike and now you have a lost $200.
2) Mirrors – get collapsable mirrors, or loosen the mounting attachments so they can bend and twist when they are hit by the ground or your body.
3) Turn Signals – many new bikes do not have ‘bendable’ turn signal stalks. For the BMW GS, unscrew them and ty-wrap them to the bar that goes around the dash. (So they are pointed straight up)
4) Take off your top box, or at least keep the heavy items out of it. Bikes are harder to lift when there is weight above ‘seat height’. Pack you heavy stuff down low if your side boxes.
5) If you do not know how to lift you bike by yourself, WAIT. Someone will meet you and help.
6) take inventory of your bike and equipment before you ride off. Things could have come loose or fallen off.
7) REMEMBER TO KILL THE ENGINE AS YOU LEAVE THE BIKE. It is a habit you should never forget. Your bike is not designed to run on its side.