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Mike E

Please send all suggestions for new places!

There have been lots of requests to change up the schedule. We’re looking to add some variety, but not change things too much. Please think about what you’d like to see, and forward comments – or bring them up at the planning meeting.

We’re always going to keep Kerby’s on the first Sunday of the month. There are so many members within a reasonable distance of Kerby’s, it explains why it is consistently the most well attended breakfast.

Americus in Milford on the 4th Sunday has been very successful, and the Rochester/Pinkney split on the 3rd Sunday has been going well.

In the winter it makes sense to keep them closer in, but in the summer – good riding areas in the surrounding areas seem to help.

Given that we have members all over metro Detroit, it’s difficult to find locations that work for everybody.

Some are in favor of split dates with 2 breakfasts on the same day (i.e. what we’ve been doing with Rochester & Pinkney), but others are not. I’ve recently discovered that the west side members have been organizing ‘renegade breakfasts’ on their own when the locations are too far east. (You have to be on the ‘in’ to get the heads up on these covert gatherings.) If people are interested, we should invite everyone who wants to attend (if we can figure out where they’re happening, that is…) It’s better to have 2 events, than to have half the club sitting it out.

We’re going to move the 2nd Sunday around a bit for the next couple of months. Also, we’re going to have wildcard breakfasts on the 5th Sunday. (March, May, August, and November are left this year) Good candidates would include: interesting places, better food than normal, or good riding areas in another corner of the metro area.

When looking for spots, ideally we need enough room for up to 25 folks (sometimes more!), and the restaurant needs to agree to individual checks.

Some places under consideration:

– Jimi’s, Royal Oak
– Scrambler Marie’s – Farmington Hills
– George’s Senate Coney Island – Northville
– Tami’s Grille – Oxford
– The Bomber – Ypsilanti
– Honest ? John’s – Midtown Detroit
– Fin’s – New Baltimore
– Nick’s Country Oven – Rochester Hills

We will be adding locations for February 8th, March 8th, and March 29th.

Add your suggestions. We’ll discuss at the planning meeting. Any ideas to add fun to the breakfast schedule
are welcome as well (bring a joke day, etc…).