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@Dan Cogan wrote:

Wow, what a great job, John.

Aw, shucks… 😳 Thanks for the kind words, Dan. Sounds like my work produced exactly the intended results for at least one user. And a tip ‘o the hat to Bill Gregory, who originally figured out the magic trick for importing tracks into the Zumo (by disabling maps before importing the tracks).

I had no idea about the right way to use tracks, but I understand now why it has never worked for me in the past.

Actually, a number of other Garmin GPS products do a much better job of working with tracks, particularly those that are oriented towards trail and hiking use. My beloved GPS V (still the gold standard for functionality and versatility IMHO) navigated tracks very well, with specific menu options for working with them. The GPSMAP 60CSx I currently use also has specific provisions for working with and navigating tracks.

The problem with the Zumo is that Garmin never envisioned that Zumo users would want to work with tracks – I think the marketing assumption that drove the product design was that Zumo users would be exclusively road oriented, and therefore only interested in routes and auto-routing. Interesting that the product includes this sort of ‘back door’, undocumented method for, as it turns out, actually being able to work with tracks. But this does seem to explain the somewhat quirky and non-intuitve techniques for working with tracks on the Zumo.