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Mark Mathes and I were supposed to leave early Sat. morning but rain and wet flurries had us checking in with each other every hour. At 1pm, we decided to try it. Sporadic rain and intermittent flurries on the way up. Mark’s heated vest wasn’t working and my wireless controller was acting so all we had was heated grips, and intercom chatter to bitch about how cold it was. But some heat is better than none.

We got to camp around 5 and got to talk to a few members. Considered pitching our tents but Mark must be getting old as he convinced me that we should check out the Bambi Inn, rather than setup camp. Ironically, on the ride back to town, a deer jumped out in front off Mark probably about 1/2 mile from where I took my last hit in ’09. 😯

First time ever at the Bambi. I used to tease Jim Slater about staying there, but it’s a real nice little place. CLEAN rooms, heat, nice owners, and a beautiful fawn colored Boxer (Chance) greets you at the counter.

Marina Ackerson was staying there too with two brothers so we had a little campfire in the parking lot.

Glad we went, even if I had to stay in a warm heated room due to Mark Mathes.