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I use Warm-n-Safe gear: jacket, glove liners, pants & socks (I don’t like to be cold!). I mix/match as needed for the temperature. I have their dual-channel “Heat Troller” hard-wired into my bike. The dual channel is nice as you can adjust the jacket and gloves separately. Or, you can wire the jacket/gloves together and use the 2nd channel for pants/socks. I wear the heated liners underneath my BMW Atlantis 3 gloves. This is the best warm/dry combination of anything I’ve tried. I have Warm-N-Safe heated gloves, but they just didn’t keep my hands as warm as the Atlantis/liner combo. My hands get cold faster than most – so they may work fine for others.

When I did this research a few years ago – it came down to Warm-N-Safe vs. Gerbings. Gerbings has a better warranty, but Warm-N-Safe has the dual-channel wireless controller. Warm-N-Safe has quickly taken care of any problems I’ve had, so I’m happy with the trade-off at this point.

My gear is directly wired to my battery with the same lead I use for my battery tender. I use a simple jumper to convert between the tender SAE connector and the jacket barrel connector. The lead hangs in the gap between my seat and tank.

I’ve ridden down into the “teens” with this setup and stayed nice and warm.