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@Jim Slater wrote:

Does anyone else from our club go to that rally?? You have gone a lot of years I think.

Last year not one club member was there. Actually I only met one person from Michigan (Ann Arbor).
I told him about TCD but as far as I know he never showed up.
I think it is a good rally. I can have breakfast two mornings (rolls, coffee, and fruit) Soup and bread
Friday night, and sit down dinner Sat. night. Also a guided ride on Saturday to a winery or other
place of interest. Fairly good music if you don’t sit too close to the band. You get the run of the entire resort.
Including a fabulous Jacuzzi with half naked girls draped all over the place. Water slides, including the “toilet Bowl”.
I tried a slide but too old for that stuff, I thought I was going to die!!