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I am new to the group but have met some of the guys. Greg was extremely helpful getting some used tires on the GS just a couple weeks ago.
Is it too late to join this event? I have a 08′ GS but do not have the tires for this level of off roading. For first time, would rather ride my platted XR650R. I am adding a rear rack from RevZilla and will mount a soft trunk bag from my snowmoble. Holds about 10L (my guess) plus a back pack, should have enough room for gear and some tools. I plan to hotel each night. My Thumper has standard fuel tank which gets me about 100 miles max (I suppose – never took the bike on any one ride through a full tank before). What is the expected range between fuel stops?

Here is a link to the Tool Tube and 1.5l Primus fuel bottles. I also shoved a 1″ thick foam strip inside the tube to keep the bottle from clattering around.


Or buy from here (SAME THING)

I should have at least 2 of them somewhere in the garage if anyone needs it (free).

Wow – that’s a great price, but it is not the same size. The 1.5l Primus fuel can needs the “Mega Tube” with a 4 5/8″ inside diameter. It looks like the “manual tube” on the Agri-supply site is the same as the base “Tool Tube”, which has a 3-1/2″ ID.

Kevin – I look forward to seeing you in Marquette! I hope you bring your camera along again…