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I’ve borrowed once, rented twice and am heading over next week for my third rental in the Alps. On my first trip, I did an Edelweiss tour with an RT, an excellent guide and Steve Ruth (aka Mr. Sidekicker/Kruz-Locker). They took care of everything – hotel, food, bike, etc. We had a great 3-day ride in the Alps – crossing between Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

Last year, I was the guide along my friend Patrick. We rented Hondas from a private person in Friedrichshafen, Germany. No paperwork – just a look at my driver’s license and a pile of Euros. We did 1500 kilometers in one long weekend hitting 15+ of the nicest passes in the Alps. The biggest hassle was arranging the wire transfer for the rental fee.

Next week, I’m going back with both Steve and Patrick. This time we are renting from Admo-Tours in Munich and keeping the bikes for a full week. We are heading to a conference in Friedrichshafen – then hitting the Dolomites. So far, communication with the rental guy has been easy. These guys took my Visa card – which was more convenient.

I would recommend this to anyone. It has been very hassle-free.