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David Swan

The “events”, for most begin Friday. Cyclemoore weekends tend to be; Fri evening dinner often at the Karlin inn (south of Interlocken in Karlin) or sometimes Hoffbrau (also south but less) plus smaller groups at their personal choices (I recall pizza delivered to Cyclemoore was a good choice earlier this summer). Sat morning; 200 yards west at the “new” small diner (It’s a short first name Bettie’s or something) or at the remodeled/new ownership Platt River Inn in Honor (12? west). Both good. We used to do the Blue Bird in Leland Sat PM but that pretty much broke up years ago as everyone rides the day in their preferred groups, pace & routes (stop for ice cream in Leland or wherever mandatory). Sunday; at your pace (some stop in Cadillac for breakfast (south of 115, west edge of lake crossing?). I might possibly be up in the sidecar myself.