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@leahyz wrote:

As far as fast I remember the “Big bore” Dualsport group got to lunch an hour ahead of the little bikes at the Color Tour… So we ain’t that slow 🙂 !

Zach –

Can’t say as I remember saying anything about us being faster than you. Or you guys being slow. But a number of the GLDS riders are ex-enduro competitors, and I’m here to tell you that they haul serious ass down these tracks and trails (hence, my comment “There are some mighty fast riders in that crowd…”). You might think you’re pretty quick, but I’ll guarantee there’s no way you’re gonna keep up aboard a GS with some guy who’s ridden enduros for years and is flying down the trail on something like a 2 stroke 250 KTM. Or maybe you can. If so, I wanna see video provin’ it…