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@leahyz wrote:

They’d tell you just to turn the roll chart upside down.

Hah. Nyuk-nyuk. But he wasn’t using a route sheet here, he was just wandering around in the woods. And, y’know, that would work! You wouldn’t even have to turn it upside down – just roll it backwards until you got back to where you want to be. Especially if you have a odo that can reverse (and the ‘Zook DRZ400 does). ‘Course, you would have to mentally ‘flip’ those intersection pictographs if you don’t turn the route chart upside down… on the other hand, the mileage figures would be easier to read.

Besides, I suggest that you might not want to knock that route sheet business unless you’ve tried it. The majority of the GLDS riders use both GPS and the roll chart route sheets – they’re very much complementary. The roll chart provides information not available from the GPS – appearance in advance of complex intersections, warnings at specific mileages for hazards, among other stuff. The route sheets are put together by human beings with eyes actually on the ground. Not infrequently that information will be more accurate and reliable than inaccurate, incomplete or outdated GPS map data. Look at this segment of a route sheet from the recent White Cloud ride:

The GPS provides terrific visual confirmation of whether one is on route or not, as well as providing a graphic of the path ahead to assist in navigating.

Used together the two tools provide a very powerful navigation scheme indeed.

There are some mighty fast riders in that crowd, and use of the both the route sheet and GPS enable them to fly down the trails at a pretty amazing clip.