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Dave Allgood

OK here is what the website says

From the website

Individuals riding in places other than private property will pay $26.25 annually. Riders wishing to use state designated trails will pay an additional $10 annually. The additional revenue will allow the department to add miles of trails and connections to communities and provide for the inspection, maintenance and improved safety of the trail network.

New ORV License Structure FAQs

How will the 2014 license restructuring help ORV trail users?
It is estimated an additional $2.7 million in revenue will be generated, allowing the DNR to invest in achieving the following outcomes to show the value of the ORV license changes to its customers:

Expand the trail system from 3,627 miles to at least 4,000 miles through trail easements and acquisitions
Create destination places by adding trail connections to communities and other trails through trail easements and acquisitions
Provide sufficient grant funding to our stakeholders to develop, groom and brush trails and add signage to trails
Provide safer recreation experiences to our customers through increased education and enforcement from conservation officers
Thoroughly inspect the condition and maintenance of trails
Replace failing or aging bridges and culverts to address safety and environmental issues
Provide oversight and leadership of the program

When is an ORV license required?
An ORV license ($26.25) is required on eligible county roads, state forest roads in the Upper Peninsula and eligible national forest roads as well as on the frozen surface of public waters. This license is required to operate anywhere off of private lands.

When is an ORV trail permit required?
In addition to the ORV license, an ORV trail permit (an additional $10 for a total of $36.25) is required when operating on designated and signed ORV trails, routes and scramble areas. Visit ORV/ATV Trail Maps for a listing of trails and maps.

How long has it been since there has been an increase in ORV funding, and how has inflation affected revenues since that time?
ORV license prices have not changed since 1996. From 1996 to 2014, inflation is expected to increase 48.4 percent.

Do I need an ORV license or ORV trail permit to use an ORV on private land?
No. Neither a license nor a trail permit is required to use an ORV on private land by the landowner or their invited guest.

Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

This does indicate that most of us will need both stickers.