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Mark Sanford

Multiple updates per year on a Garmin?? – Sure we are not talking -programming /firmware/debug vs. actual map data?
From Garmin Forums:
Garmin only releases map data once per year:
1. Garmin has to pay Navteq for each update. Multiple releases would increase the cost of map updates for “ALL” customers.
2. Garmin needs to integrate the data from Navteq and run QC on “ALL” of the models that they have in the field. This is very costly and time consuming, taking several months to a year. (MS-Back to my earlier yearly accuracy comment)
In addition, it becomes much harder to sell Map products if they are updated too often. Customers are less likely to want to pay for something that will be upgraded in just a few months. People like to feel like what they paid for is not obsolete almost immediately. If we made updates free to people with that “year’s” map, then a lot of people won’t bother to buy a new map for three quarters of a year and/or will wait for the next yearly release.
“I am sure it is very easy to issue electronic updates several times a year for a company like Google. Implementing multiple times a year is a snap since they are updating ONE source. (MS-back to my use of a smart phone comment)
But for companies like Garmin, it is way too expensive to have to keep updating the web releases, reprinting CDs/DVDs several times a year, changing artwork, packaging, updating stock of GPS units, etc. etc. Because the changes are often minor from one year to the next, most people won’t notice any changes year to year let alone every few months, so for Garmin once a year is PLENTY.”

Craig, I guess what I am saying is the GPS is a valued tool if updated “periodically”. Its value is based upon proficiency of operation and the understanding of its strengths and weakness. It is not 100% accurate, everywhere, every time. That I can attest to from experience whether a new road, route or point of interest. Things change quickly, business come and go, roads and venues change. It is very helpful as Dan has expressed, and yes it was great that it worked with such accuracy. But keep in mind common sense and other tools come into play as well. Like preplanning logistics at home, an accommodation list or book, the MOA Anonymous book, a hard map, or optional smart phone, etc. Glad to help if needed.