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@Craig wrote:

In 2009 I bought a Garmin Zumo 550 and now have a couple of questions:
(1) How important is it to update the information, especially for roads? My inclination is that most paved roads have not changed very much since 2009.

My experience is that updates are more important than you might think if you regularly use the Garmin to navigate. While paved roads don’t change that much, access roads and exits/entrances are always changing, as are the numbers of the exits. So for those times you’re on the interstate, an updated map can be helpful. The relatively new road that takes off from I-96 towards Holland across Grand Rapids is an example of a road that wasn’t on my Garmin until I updated.

(2) If an update is important, then is there a reliable “free” software that can be used? I looked at, which indicated that I have two options which both have a price tag: $50 for a one-time update or $90 for a lifetime update capability.

I was not able to find any up-to-date free source software.

(3) Is there any other information I should know related to updating and/or using the 550? Obviously I’m not very computer savvy.

Can’t help with this one.

Thanks, Craig