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Mark Sanford

Hi Craig.

I updated my unit last year with Garmin (No freeby). Wish I had not. Not much improvement and its actually giving worse information on some of the routes it chose. I spoke with Crago and he said he had experienced the same thing. I guess I would have to ask how many years since your last update?

IMO-every three years to four is plenty. Yes roads change but keep in mind the data collected and available for download is already a year old (or older) before you can get it. Also if you are using it for food, lodging and fuel don’t waste your money on an update. The economy has these places dead, gone, renamed, bull dozed before you get there. This is where a smart phone comes into play. Look up name, address and simply program address into GPS.

On long trips I use a combination of mapsource and google to preplan a rough route for each day on road, and then down load each day into GPS and go from there. Each day I activate that day’s route on GPS and “ad Lib” from there. I typically put a place to stay at the end of each days route, PLUS two others for back up. If you need a hand drop me a line.