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@g-laskie wrote:

I purchased a life time update for my Zumo. It was a big mistake, it will not hold the new update, not enough memory in the Zumo to hold all the maps. I now have only the Eastern states, I will have to put the old maps back in so I can have the full US maps.

Just put a 2Gb or 4 Gb SD card in your Zumo and it will hold the entire U.S., Canada, part of Mexico, and still have room for saved routes and music.
Put the Eastern U.S. on the Zumo main drive and the remaining on the SD card. It will work seamlessly and won’t even know the map has been placed in 2 place on the Zumo. I have been doing it this way for about 8 updates now.

The important thing to keep in mind when doing this is make sure you don’t have any map areas doubled up. So split the maps on a very definable map line like a river or along state edges.

The easiest way to split the map and install part on the SD card and part in the main drive is to first “only” install the updated map on your computer into MapSource. That way you can use the map tool to select and highlight what part of the map you want to send where on your Zumo. Your Zumo will show as one drive letter on your computer and your SD card will show up as up as another drive letter. Just pick the one you want to send what part of the map to using the “send to device” arrow in MapSource.

For what it’s worth I have an 8 gig SD card in my Zumo 550 so have all the U.S. including Alaska as well as northern Mexico and almost 3 gig of 24k topo maps. To utilize an SD card larger that 4 Gb you really should have all the latest Zumo firmware and software updates installed.

If you don’t want to go through all the above you can remove the unused languages and unused cursors from your Zumo. That will free up more space and allow most of the main U.S. to be installed in your Zumo. If you do this make sure you back your Zumo drive up to your computer first.