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@Kevin wrote:

Geezers, slackers, guys that work 24hr shifts except that day, call in sickies, and general misfits all apply…

Hey – I’m in at least three of those categories (geezer, slacker & general misfit); seems I’m destined to join this little outing!

Quite right about the weather – it’s been gorgeous. I’ve ridden somewhere around 1,000 miles over the past several weeks. Have seen more fall color this year then ever before. This being retired business is simply mahvelous… Here’s a photo I took at Portage Lake near Jackson while riding Sunday, which was a spectacular day:

So hell ya, I’m up for this. I’ll be in Dexter sometime before departure time of 8:30 (it’s about an hour ride from home).

Kevin, you gonna post ride route GPS files? You gonna just use the GLDS tri-state adventure ride route as is?