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Jeff H

Okay, here goes….of the routes floating around I think most of them are duplicates (my bad).

Larger Loop files:
MMM CSCustom 2015 = (more or less) TellicoADVTrail_r6, only MMM includes the Cherahola Dragon/Skyway. Of these two files I would stick with MMM CSCustom 2015 and ditch the TellicoAdvTrail_rg

Shorter Loop Files: (what we’ve ridden in the past, these are old GLDS rides)
TN_2008_3-9-08_Redux = TN_2015_Redux, only 2015 includes a camp marker. The routes all have the same name so it doesn’t matter which one you pick.

I think the shorter loops are plenty for the weekend, it just depends on what the group wants. They both have Witt Road water crossing and the trails. I think the Tower Lookout is where we took the picture the first year.

So if you have room on your GPS I would load both MMM_CSCustom_2015 and TN_2008_3-9-08_Redux. If you have to pick only one, I would go with the short loops.