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I am so sorry, but I cannot post the LONGEST DAY ride GPX file because it is 1.9MB and the limit for uploading files is 700kB.

Too bad, it was all setup with awsome tracks and many descriptive waypoints, but since I cannot upload it. You will have to just show up at Uncle Johns Cider mill and follow me to Cyclemoore Campground.

Don’t forget to go to WallMart and get your OFF road ORV Sticker(s), you need both. We might be running on DNR OVR trails, so it is wise to get the sitckers.

I spent a lot of time updating the GPX file, so it is frustrating for me not to post it.

Bring your GPS and set your TRACK LOG recording to ON, so you can record where we ride.

Like Jeff stated, this is a Technical ride through the woods, YOU WILL FALL DOWN, YOU MAY BREAK SOMETHING ON YOUR BIKE.

If you wear proper riding gear, and you keep your speeds slower, you should not suffer too much damage yourself.

This is a great ride to practice riding a loaded bike with your camping gear. THIS RIDE IS NOT INTENED FOR NEW RIDERS WITH NO OFF ROAD RIDING EXPERIENCE.

You can download 2012 Color Tour GPX to get most of the information I was tring to upload.

I will be a UNCLE JOHNS CIDER MILL at 9am, we leave at 10am SHARP. This is full day ride to the campground. We will arrive before dark.