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The Thumb Run weekend was another fine event for the TDC club. We had about 15 participants who attended. I am sure I missed some people but here’s the list who attended Dave Allgood, Tom Gary, Dave Swan, Harry Jones, Mike OShanick, Fritz, Craig Grissom, Greg Crego, Roy Winset, Jim Micallef,Bill, Dave. Sorry if I missed your name. And my battery on my phone died so I can’t share any pictures but I am sure someone took pictures of the event and will share them with us.
The dirt riders apparently had a fun ride coming up to the camp on Saturday as evidence of the various gear hanging on the cloths line to dry out around the camp site after they set up their tents.
The weather gods help out long enough for us to have a fine dinner around the camp fire. Which was prepare by long time TCD member Mike OShanick. Mike did another great job putting together the chilly and stew for the group. We had plenty of food and beverages for the bunch to last the night. And after dinner there was plenty of wood and tall tales to last the night too while we enjoyed each other company around the camp fire. And as luck would have it the weather gods came to visit us later in the night to wash off all the road grime from the day’s activity. Sunday started out sunny with a little wind and for most of the ride home was dry.
Hope everyone had a good time I know I did and this event is always on my calendar.