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Eric VanDyke

I finally had some time to arrange tracks. I have added the link in the GPS portion of the forum. Look for 2022 Longest Day title and grab the complete set of tracks for ADV crowd.

Friday morning, I will be at the Uncle John’s Cider Mill in St. Johns, Mi. Lets plan to be Ready 2 Ride (R2R) by 10am. ADV riders will head to Evart, Mi to pick up the trail head to CycleMore camp ground.

Plan is to top for gas in Evart at the Wesco / Subway gas station to fuel up the bike and the body. Air down tires if so desired. R2R As soon as ready. Earlier the better.

I will lead the ADV group from the cider mill to Cyclemore.

Conditions are forecasted to be on the warm side so plan to keep hydrated all day. However, there will be rain this coming weekend so it is likely that the sand will not be dried out.

Depending the time of day and levels of exhaustion, there are multiple opportunities to bail out and slab to Cyclemore. We will make that decision accordingly.

Craig Renniker is planning to do the sand route and between the two of us, we have 2 leaders to get everyone safely to Cyclemore.

Saturday, breakfast at your site or at the near by restaurant.  The riding will be game day decision(s) Some will slab and some will play in the trails. Likely we will be eating lunch in Empire, Mi somewhere between noon and 2pm (based on previous experiences). Dinner will be back at camp or at local restaurant(s). That will be game day decisions as well.

Sunday, same breakfast options. Break camp, head home.