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Jennifer Ott

So, going from the above statement, we are looking at a 14 day tour, as the 11 day tour has you riding longer days and not as much to see.  The three GSA models are already spoken for with deposits.    Starting date will be May 11th though May 24th.  We will see the best that Ireland has to offer.

Prices are:
Single rider, $5700 Euro ($6225 US)
Single rider with pillion $6775 Euro for both ($7,398 US, or $3699 each)
Two Riders Sharing a Room $10,305 Euro for both ($11,253 US) $5,626 each

This includes bike rental, transfer to and from Celtic Rider from Dublin, Helmet, insurance ($1,500 deductible), bag liners, GPS, lodging and breakfast each am.

You will be required to put down a 50% deposit, and the balance will be due one month before May 11th.

So far I have:

Jennifer Ott GSA Low
Marc Neville GSA
Richard Henrion GSA
Dan Olsen with his wife KIM GS
Larry Benitz and his wife Lalitha GS
Tom Gary GS
Eugene Wicke with his wife Laura GS
Scott Bishop with his wife Holly GS
Rod Rhodes GS
James Wick w Pillion
Joe People w Pillion

Let me know if I missed anyone.