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Larry Benitz

David – our apologies for the abruptness to which this issue was handled. The officers, past and present, are determining how to best allow our members to publicize non-TCD events.

The breakfasts were of special concern as they have in the past reflected poorly on the club when members have arrived at the posted time and found the breakfast over, with participants walking out the door. You have acknowledged that this is a known problem. If this was one of your first contacts with the club, how would you feel? What if the club did that with other events – habitually started rides or concluded gatherings an hour before the posted start? I think you would agree that it would be very disrespectful and that many would quickly stop attending TCD events.

Further, it is the officers’ understanding that the person who schedules the breakfasts is not a member of the club, has their own website and is perfectly capable of disseminating the information. The removal of the schedule in no way impeded members from knowing about and attending the breakfasts. It was just an attempt to disassociate the club from the breakfasts due to the negative experiences endured by some club members, experiences created by a dynamic that you admit exists and is unlikely to change.

The impromptu events you list are effectively “certified” by the TDC as those events and gatherings are organized and led by a club member or members, and generally create positive experiences for our members. Please bear with us, we will have an alternative solution to this issue soon.