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Jennifer Ott

    My name is Jennifer Ott and I am running for president of the BMW Touring Club of Detroit. I am 55 years old with two grown children.  I met the love of my life (a long time TCD member) at the BMW MOA Finger Lakes Rally in 2018 and here I am, living in Michigan and finding myself a member of this wonderful club. I am BMW MOA member #215257, BMW RA Member #46386 and a Premier Ironbutt Assocation member.

    What will I bring to the role as president? I will bring enthusiasm, a passionate love of BMW motorcycles and dedication to the club. I have been riding since 1982…40 years of riding experience with over 500,000 miles logged (88,000 of those on BMWs). I have a real skill in getting people together to go ride!

    I joined TCD in September of 2018 when I moved to Michigan. I have been a member of BMW MOA since April, 2017 and fulfil the volunteer roll of membership recruiter, and have recruited over 200 to MOA this year. I would like to encourage more younger and new BMW riders to join the TCD, and as a BMW salesperson at BMW Motorcycles of Detroit, that puts me in a real position to grow the club. I am a regular member at TCD breakfasts, Geezer meetings, Ice Cream Rides, Urban Rides and volunteered as Webmaster in 2020.

    I would like to plan more Sunday rides after our breakfast meetings, and encourage people to attend events, both road riding and off-road events. I would like to host a summer BBQ for the club and perhaps bring back the 50-50 draw at breakfasts to help our bottom line. I would like to consider rides from local dealerships to help promote our local resources.

    My past accolades as a BMW Rider include winning the 2018 BMW MOA Mileage Contest as the highest female (32,043 miles on a 2018 G310GS), and I have been in the top 25 every year since then. I rode my heart out on the BMW MOA Grand Coddiwomple scavenger hunt this year (I have been told that I finished in 2nd place out of 714 entrants), and I logged 21,380 miles between April 1st and October 31st. I have also successfully completed four Ironbutt Rides on a 2018 BMW G310GS including a Bun Burner Gold (1500 miles in less than 24 hours.

    I currently ride a 2020 BMW R1250GSA, a 2019 BMW K1600GT, a 2021 BMW R18 Classic and a 2021 BMW R9T Urban G/S and about to purchase another BMW G310GS for adventure riding. Anyone who knows me, knows that motorcycles are my life, and that I ride EVERY day, unless there is snow on the road. I feel I embody the motto of the club, “WE RIDE”!